Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coloredsprinklegirl Scrapbooking About ME Challenge

Hi again- I have a scrapbooking project to share. posted a video the other day challenging her viewers to scrapbook about themselves.  I never even thought of doing something like this seeing as though #1 I'm usually the one taking the pictures and #2 I'd rather focus on other people like my kids, friends and family.  But I thought I'd give this a try, step out of my comfort zone and try something new :)

For this layout I tried some techniques I have never done before;
< I added some of my clay pieces I made the other day with some polymer clay and a sparrow mold
< I mixed paintings with a picture of myself 
< I also piled on some layers, usually I try to keep things as simple as possible (usually for time's sake)
<another technique I tried is time!!!  I never seem to find the time to relish in the process and I actually, truly, deeply enjoyed myself.

About the layout:
<There are two pictures of paintings and one of me
<The multi-colored painting is a self portrait I did when I was around 14 (I'm 30 now!!) I'm an artist at heart a School Counselor by day
<The painting to the right was a gift from my husband four years ago.  He painted myself as an adult and as a child and it is the best (material) gift I have ever received.
<The real picture of me was taken yesterday in front of a great big wood pile at my parent's house.
<I love nature and being outdoors
<Hence all of the wood bits I added to the layout (the "tape", the tag, the butterfly and the cloud (I made all of these myself with the Sizzix Big Shot and some dies)
<I never fail to make a coffee ring since I drink about 10 cups a day ;)
<Like everyone we are a big mix of likes, favorites and they don't always go well together with layouts. I thought this was the time to express the different likes I have and if it clashed---oh well----
<I love beautiful things, colors, nature and mixed them all up together on ONE page!!!
<The last element I added was fingerprints with some neon paint- what more of me is there than a fingerprint???

So here it is{

Thank you for looking and good luck to all of the scrapbookers entering the contest

Sarah ;)

Materials: Stampin Up Large Doily Background, versa mark, pastels, tag, white 12x12 background paper, veneer wood sheet, Joanne's neon paint, crumb cake seam binding ribbon, sizzix, cloud, butterfly, tag die, pony Mister Huey's, Kawaii Supply Large Sparrow mold, yellow polymer clay

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  1. Love how personalized this layout is. Its super artistic and all you. Great job!!! Thank you for participating:)